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Hey folks, any idea how to pull this information onto another sheet horizontally?

Basically, I am trying to consolidate some project information as seen in the "Source" screenshot.

This particular sheet has the status for multiple items for the same project, but lists the same project on multiple


I see that there are 2 choices of 4 Status Colours: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue (or Gray).

Could we get an option for 5 Status Colours?

Blue - Not Started

Green - In Progress

Yellow - At Risk

Red - Behind Schedule

Gray - Completed


Firstly, yes - I know the Control Center sheets are not "templates" but I would want resourcing to be able to filter out the workspace or at least the folder used to spin up SCC projects.

Since I pre-load "assembly time" by assigning it to the genaric "Assembly" contact in ALL of the grouped gantt