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What happens to sheets that are resource management enabled and have "assigned to" columns with users that have been (subsequently) deleted from our account?

Is there a best practice on how to maintain assigned to data from deleted users for archival/reference purposes?  Will resource views still



I'm trying to build out a SUMIFS formula that adds up timesheet data from a separate data sheet using 4 criteria:  employee name, project code, start date and end date.  The formula works fine if I don't have criteria for project code.  As soon as I add another criteria to match the client


I am working on producing a report which pulls from a Task sheet (database) based on certain specific tasks and specific statuses.  Each task has an "Assigned to" cell which contains a restricted list of contacts (our employees).  

I have been asked to sort the resulting report by the "Assigned to"



I have a column where I indicate the budgeted hours available for a task.  Within the Duration cells, I would like to enter a formula that takes the budgeted hours, divides them by an efficiency factor and yields the resulting duration available for the task, however, I'm unable to enter any




I am trying to see if any of the Excel wizards here can help me with a script or other macro that will disaggregate my SS exported project sheet data that contains start and end date columns (along with the usual duration column) information into individual rows for each day/date that is