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Hi everyone,

I need help on the below formula. I am trying to get the number of active projects based on the columns Section and Stage (see attached image).

The 2 sections are called Food and Non-Food.

The active stages are called Planning, Strategy Decision, Tender, Evaluation and Contract. Other


Hi all,

So I was able to get help around here on how I could turn amounts in thousands and millions to just K and M instead of displaying lots of zeros. Now I would like to add a formula in to just round it up with just 2 decimal places and to shorten billions too. Can someone help please?

Here's my



So I've been working on a formula but couldn't get it right. I wanted to count the number of my projects that are Active (on-time) and Active (delayed).

I get the on-time count correctly but for the delayed ones I always get a plus 1 in the results. Here's the formula I use (btw the stages