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Hi all,

So I was able to get help around here on how I could turn amounts in thousands and millions to just K and M instead of displaying lots of zeros. Now I would like to add a formula in to just round it up with just 2 decimal places and to shorten billions too. Can someone help please?

Here's my



So I've been working on a formula but couldn't get it right. I wanted to count the number of my projects that are Active (on-time) and Active (delayed).

I get the on-time count correctly but for the delayed ones I always get a plus 1 in the results. Here's the formula I use (btw the stages



In the Gantt Chart, is there a functionality or a way that we can see 2 different date range displays?

For example for a project tracker, 1st date range would be the planned start date and planned end date and the 2nd would be the actual start date and the actual end date so it would look like 2


Hi all,

Please need help on formula. The example image below is a project with sub tasks and I wanted to create a formula in the Progress column highlighted in yellow (this is the main header).

The condition is: if the status of the row is "Active", then show me what is its current Progress.