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Is it possible to block different columns for different people?

There is Person A and B and there are columns 1-2-3-4-5-6,

Person A can edit info on columns 1-2-3 but has columns 4-5-6 lock

Person B can edit columns 4-5-6 but has column 1-2-3 lock

 If not, what can be a solution for it?


I have a master sheet with projects that auto-populate from a form that requestors fill out as needed. 

I created a column named "Request Number" that is a Auto-Number column type. However, I have in the bottom of the page multiple lines with formulas that I use only for my dashboard and although I


Is it possible to use a formula to copy the information of one cell ( In this case the cell is under a date type column) to another cell (also a date type column) . For example, if my cell #1 under column "concept start date" is: 06/19/19 then automatically my cell #1 under column "Start" would