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Hi Folks,

I have the following formula used to track specific assets:

=SUMIF({EventDate_req}, $DateNeeded$1, {Asset2_Range})

This adds up the count in  each row in the Asset2_Range that matches the date needed.


We created individual one column ranges for each asset (Asset1, Asset2, Asset3) etc.


Hi Folks,

I have a master sheet that links to a work sheet for each row.

There is a unique ID number on each row of the master sheet

And each work sheet has a range named using that unique ID number.


SO is there a way to look up the ID number in the row, and uee that number as part of the name of


Hi Folks,

After reading up on the issue of cross sheet link limits, I would like to confirm what 'counts'.

If a range is defined as having 10 columns does that count at 1 link or 10?

If a range has 20 columns is that 20 links or one?

And finally if that same range is used for several VLOOKUP


Hi Folks,

We have an intake sheet / form and a separate project sheet.

Goal is to automatically copy specific fields from new rows in the Intake sheet (source) to a different Project sheet (destination) each time a new row is entered by users.

When a new row is entered, we want to copy (as a new