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We have lots of alerts/actions/notification rules setup across lots of sheets.  When I delete a user due to employee termination, then I get this message:

"Invalid recipients in Alerts and Actions rule"

I don't want to have to dig through dozens of sheets to remove the people, how can I do this on a


I have 20+ sheets with various Due Dates on various rows.  I have a reminder set to send the Preparer a reminder when the Due Date occurs.  Historically, the email notification only shows the rows that are the actual "Due Date".  However, today, it sent the entire sheet and all rows which defeats


I love how the Save as New now has the ability to include Notifications & Sharing options to be saved; however, why are reminders not included?

With dozens of sheets that have notifications and reminders that I roll forward each month, this new feature is still not useful/complete because reminders


I utilize the Send Row feature on a daily basis.  The majority of the time, the columns I select from the "Customize" section are the exact same.

It would be awesome if I could create a filter and have the ability to select it as opposed to manually selecting all of the columns every time.




I'm trying to create a formula that adds my second and third column if the fourth column says "LOST" , I want that same formula to subtract the second column from the first column if the fourth column says "KEPT".

-My column titles are:

Column1: total budget

Column2: money allocated



I would like to have a nest If / Then formula that is dependent on the %Complete Column.

EX:   =IF([% Complete]9 = 100%, "Complete", IF([% Complete]9 = 0%, "Not Started","Pending"))

I am getting the #UNPARSEABLE error.

Thanks in