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Our Company has just installed Office 365 to all laptops. We did this for various reason:

1. We didn't want anyone saving work to their C drive and losing it if a virus struck (so everything that isn't saved to Smartsheet is saved to One Drive.

2. We wanted to ensure that all documents can be


I have set up a smartsheet where by the 'assigned to' is alerted by email when a task is due. However sometimes the 'assigned to' needs to be more than one person therfore i have to amend my columns to be 'assigned to 1' and 'assigned to 2' to ensure both people get an email alert when the taks


I have set up a formula that works very well however it isn't taking into account new entries added to my sheet. For example my formula is on Row 1 under the column 'total' I then have other information in rows 2-15 so therefore my formula on Row 1 starts from row 16 to give me the total I want into


I am trying to set up a formula using a checkbox and a harvey ball. Basically I would like the harvey ball to show as full when the checkbox is checked. The checkbox column is titled complete, once this is checked the harvey ball should be full. I have tried lots of different formulas and none of