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I am a Production Coordinator for a company that manufactures instrumentation and testing equipment for the aerospace industry.



I'm really not sure if I'm going about this the right way, but I'm trying to create a 'Bill of Materials' within Smartsheet for a construction project. As per the two pics attached, I would like to get the value of a product that is mentioned multiple times in a particular column. 

For example,


I would like to see footers as print options.  I know there's already a header in print setup, but I would it to be a little more customizable, such as left, center and right justification and text size. The same customization for footers. 

Also, a related request is to be able to print a single row


I can't find a discussion that covers this:


I know there's a way to print a single row with columns in vertical view, with the option to include hidden columns, but is there a way to automatically exclude printing blank columns? I have columns that don't apply to all rows, so when printing there