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Hey All!

I have a question about how to have predecessors or just tasks in a schedule to automatically update when they are moved in the schedule. I am trying to create a production schedule for our Sheet Metal shop and it is created with the fabrication packages released from the Eng Dept.


I am trying to automate my schedule for a project as much as possible. I have a line for production start that is based on my current ship date but I have 9 shipments after that and would like to have the actual production line have a start day based on the production start line and the finish date


I am a long time Smartsheet user and I am disappointed with the changes that came out last week as it has greatly increased the time I spend jus trying to naviagate now! 

1) Has anyone figured out - can you lock the left panel in place? Can you set it to go to home or favorites when you do open it?


I have three columns in my schedule sheet. Duration (native column) hours and resource allocation. I would like the Duration to be my hours divided by my resource allocation. So If I plan to put 2 people on a 80 hours project my duration is only 5 days not 10. I tried a formula in my duration column