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I have individual sheets created for 4 people (one being mine) where we have lines for all our tasks. I use a Report to consolidate all 4 sheets.

However, when I have a  new task I want to assign, I prefer not to have to access each of their sheets to add a line. I'd like to add the task line on my


I need help with a formula. I have 3 date columns. If there's a date in datecol1, and a date in datecol2, and either a date or NA in datecol3, then enter 1 in col 4. I am not a programmer, but can usually figure it out. Not this time! This is what is in col 4 cell, but I get Unparseable.


Hello, I have a date column. I need to be able to count the number of dates in the column. Is there any way to do that without having to create another column using checkboxes? It would be nice if Smartsheet supported the COUNTA function.