First.....Im so happy the Multi-select feature is now available - so thank you.

This leads me needing some assistance.  I have played around with a LOT Of different formulas trying o find a way to capture this information.

I am needing help with trying to find a formula  to do a count of selected


Why were we not informed about this? Copied below is the exact email I received from Smartsheet Product Info on September 17th. This is very frustrating to have a functionality stripped with no warning. We ran through this list with our teams to determine whether or not any of our free users would



I spoke to Support on the phone yesterday but we haven't had a definitive answer on what the expected behaviour for this scenario is. I'm curious to see what other users have experienced.

In the the "Edit or Remove links" > "Outbound links" section of the Cell Links: Consolidate or Maintain