Hi everyone, 

Has anyone used the live data connector to integrate with another platform such as Qlik or any other? I know that SM now has the dashboard view, but I do not think it is as powerful as other BI platforms. From what I see, the SM dashboard is a very high level overview and does not give


Hi all, I have two views that need to be sent as a PDF on a biweekly basis. I'm looking for the following:

1) Calendar view export that shows launch dates within the current month and next two months - I'm aware I can set report parameters to show everything launching within the next 90 days, but I


I'd like to make a suggestion - I just moved a few hundred rows of data with intricate cell links to another sheet using the "Move to Another Sheet..." option. All of my cell links were removed without warning.

I would like to suggest that either the cell links are not removed during this action, OR