Hello all, 

Typically, building a formula through Smartsheet doesn't give me any issues but the SUMIFS formula specifically within Smartsheet is making me pull my hair out. 

I have 3 columns that I need to use in the formula. 

-Job Code 

-Needed Position Headcount

-Building Status

I need to add the


Is there no way to create a report pulling off someone in a column's contact list without actually having an instance of that contact being mentioned in the source sheet?

For example, sheet ABC has an "Assigned To" contact list column that includes "Bob". However, Bob does not actually have any



I have a report that looks perfectly fine when viewing in Smartsheet but when exported to a PDF it throws in a grey fill. There is a conditional formatting that specifically says if the "Resource name headers" column is blank, keep that cell white - and it's a higher priority than everything