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Is there any way to widen a dashboard? We have a 6ft touchscreen monitor that displays our dashboard at all times, however we can only see a small number of Widgets and they're HUGE! I'd like to be able to fiddle with this, much like you can with your desktop... is this possible?


 I have seen some of these head-in-the-clouds people at Microsoft do some really stupid "improvements" but this tab thing takes the cake. I am a shareholder in this company and am considering selling due to management's inattention to their business. Good management would never let a thing like this


The new look/functionality of the sheet is much less friendly. Takes a lot more clicks to get through and I now always have to close the left pane to see my sheet properly. Also, the left pane list keeps changing so I have to hunt for my sheet each time. When you had the tabs at the top I knew where


Why would you do this? Did you even test this with customers?

Why can't I open as a new tab from the "home" page?

Why can't I make the "home" page the default on the side bar?

Why can't I make the side bar stay open?

This functionality is not working for us as an organization. As the administrator