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I would like to submit an enhancement request for the Highlight Changes feature.  The tool currently shades cells with a background color if a change has been made in the last seven days.  Unfortunately, the same color is used for changes performed by everyone.  I'd like to request the ability to


I would like to request the addition of an auto-refresh feature within Smartsheet.  I use one worksheet most of the day and I have to manually refresh the worklist several times each hour.  It would be great if the auto-refresh feature could trigger anytime someone performed a change but I would


I have developed a web form for a sheet I am using to collect production data from our production lines.

I am then using a smartsheet sights to display production data on a dashboard I have published.

I may be wrong, but I think the sheet that the data is being sent to needs to be manually refreshed


I would like to request the ability to use different format options in the comments window.  We are currently able to add plain text comments but it would be nice at times to use a different format like Rich Text or


I would like to request the ability to customize filters by adding specific conditions to each row.  The filters currently have an option to show rows that match all conditions or an option to show rows that match at least one condition.  


Because we share our SmartSheets with multiple teams, I