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I use Smartsheet for everything. We use it for very granular processes that track every bolt and nut to hours used, etc. We use it for HR and Project Management. We share it with out vendors and out clients. I use it for data collections for reviews and for new orders. Our last big push was safety and daily reports to track safety and training. It runs the company.
About Me
I have been in my industry for 22 years, I am a big advocate of tech being use as leverage to grow business.


I have a webform that I am trying to create but one of the columns is a number field where the number commonly starts with a 0.  My problem is that when you submit a number that starts with a 0, the 0 gets dropped unless the field is formatted as text.   In smartsheet, the only way I see to format a


I am always looking for some ways to improve our sheets and the overall system. i run a manufacturing company and I am looking for anyone who is will to share their flow in smartsheet. We do a rebuild every year and do a planning week to refresh our processes. It is time to do this so any shared


Is there any way to automatically send a web form (feedback survey) as part of notification alert or conditional formatting?  I have a sheet with a web form that customers can use to submit requests for service.  This sheet is viewable by staff that it is shared to.  I also have a customer service