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I'm a Smartsheet newbie! I am from Illinois and I work in IT.


I am trying to calculate a total number of accounts that are based upon a few different criteria specifically within a date range. So for example, I need to calculate the total revenue for a list of clients that had canceled within the year 2018. I have a formula that I used to calculate this total


Hello again,

I am using a pretty basic formula which I've used countless times, even yesterday, and now I'm getting an #unparseable error. 

I need to add the number of onsite days (range) if the visit type (criterion) is listed as a conversion. My formula looks like this:

=SUMIF({KPI: Visit Types



I am trying to combine these two functions to find an average number but only if it meets a specific criteria. For example, I have cases worked that can be canceled for 3 reasons. If the case is canceled because of a "No contact" with the client, I need to know the average number of days the



Smartsheet newbie here:)

I was trying to use a simple SUMIF formula to calculate the total number of days for a specific field. For example: I want to add all the days or duration for all projects that were labeled as "Conversion" together to calculate the total number of days spent on all