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Breyta Inc.
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Web Forms
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I provide project timekeeping and financial analysis for a small company with Fortune 500 clients located mainly in the US and Europe. With Smartsheet I keep realtime track of the 40+ projects underway at any point in time and provide feedback to managers and supervisors that continually helps them to improve estimating and project execution processes.
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With a background in electronics, computer science and semiconductor testing I missed the technical involvement after 11 years of retirement and ended up helping out at Breyta in a number of roles as the company has grown quickly over the last three years.
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i have a number of reports which have a due date column. the reports are looking at those with a due date in the past or today. They had been working fine but for some reason now if i update the due date in the row and refresh the report nothing changes. i have to log out of smart sheet for the


I'm working on a project and am hoping for some advice from the community of experts!

I have a sheet that serves as an ongoing list of projects and information about those projects - once a decision is made to either fund the project or deny the project, I'd like that line item to appear in another


Hello everyone,


Starting with Smartsheet, I don't find any documentation about distributing a new and unique sheet to collaborators.


The idea is :

  • I build a main spreadsheet, and I want multiple collaborators to fill this sheet individually
  • I want to keep track of all the status of certain


I want to be able to average, or other function, over a subset of the cells in a row.  The number of cells I want to include is specifiied in a separate cell.


In Excel, I accomplished this with OFFSET.  I read another article here noting that smartsheet doesn't have OFFSET, but that MATCH and