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Hi Community-

I have a column that I want to say what phase a project is in based upon the criteria below

4 Possible Phases – “Strategy & Intake”, “Brief Finalization”, “Detailed Concepts”, “Production to Market”

#1 “Strategy & Intake” – Milestone “BRIEF COMPLETED & APPROVED” is not checked and is


I'm working with Datamesh for some automations across some sheets for portfolio management.

I've got an Intake form as my source sheet and then another as my target for more detailed info.

I'm getting the Error! PARTIAL_SUCCESS each time it tries to run.  

I cannot seem to find any documentation on


Hi There-


I am trying to show a bar chart with 2 data points comparing $ amount of actual to budget. The Chart is not Starting at $0 it is starting at $800K so the data looks weird. 

Can I choose the scale - say my 2 data points are $800K and $1.1M - could I choose to start the series at $0 and




I Am Trying to find out if i can do a Vlookup from another sheet ?


Basicaly i have a sheet With items and Pricing from 3 Diferent Vendors 


I want on a diferent sheet have all my items in a srop down list and the Rate should Be looked up from the Prcing sheet in other Words i want to Quote