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When viewing by a category in card view (think color), it places the number of items in that column in parenthesis next to the column title. All of the "blue" items are in the column and the column header is "Blue (22)", the next would be "Red (12)" and so on.

Is it possible to get that number for


Trying to get a formula where any decimal number above 1 will round the next highest whole number (examples: .33 will round to 1, 1.33 will round to 2, 3.23 will round to 4, etc.).  I also need if the formula = a negative it displays a 0 as opposed to -4.

current formula using and somewhat working


Is there a way to send a repeat approval request if the initial request goes unanswered?  Kind of like a, "while 'Jane Q. Ceo's' approval status is 'Submitted' send an update request once a day."

Then, of course, once it changes to approved or declined, the notifications stop.

It seems like all of