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I have a webform that I am trying to create but one of the columns is a number field where the number commonly starts with a 0.  My problem is that when you submit a number that starts with a 0, the 0 gets dropped unless the field is formatted as text.   In smartsheet, the only way I see to format a


I am starting to use smartsheet more and more  but one thing that hangs me up is the navigation between sheets.

I utilize the sheet tabs at the top of the page but I generally have more open that fit in the space provided and they also typically do not keep any specific order.

What I believe would


I have always found navigating between sheets a bit cumbersome. I have several workspaces and lots of sheets.

Currently the fastest way to find a sheet is to do a search. The favourites is a neat idea but I usually gave to navigate out of my current sheet to the home tab and then again to the