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Hi all,


i need to make some updates on my spreadsheets, that were not made on due time.

But i don't want to confuse people by triggering notifications and alerts of actions already completed.

Is there any way of deactivating all the "Alerts & Actions" at the same time, and then activating them


Hi all,

I could not find any thread with this specific problem, pardon me if there is one....

I created a new Workspace, and within that workspace i also created a single spreadsheet.

So i start writting content on that spreadsheet, then click the small "floppy" on the top left, close the page and


Hi all,


I've searched for this topic, but i could not find directly what  i was looking for.

Is there on Smartsheet any functionality for digital signature that doesn't require pairing our service with another software?

All the solutions i saw were about using another software to do it, but those


Hi all,

I am having an issue that might be simple to solve, but I can't seem to find an efficient solution.

I have 2 spreadsheets:

- One with the ID, name, Lot and several other columns with product specification information

- Another just with the same ID's, names and Lots, and a few bits more that


Hi all,


I was searching on the Smartsheet community, but i could not find the best solution for my issue.

Basically, in my company, everytime that a production finishes, i receive via e-mail the test results for the specific product. With those results, later on, i must issue a document to the


Hi all,


Consider that I have an index sheet that lists all the projects (active or not), with the current task, it's description, timescale, owner of the task, and also the task that will come next.

Parallel to that, I have individual sheets for each project that list all the information above,