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With the recent updates to the navigation interface and a lot of complaints from our users, I created how a simple and effective layout should look like. The current layout takes too many clicks and also the interface is getting too cluttered.

Smartsheet should be simple and effective, with the most


Completely taken aback by the new update. Not only the multiple tabs will be more cumbersome to manage, but I do not see the option to open multiple sheets at the same time and this feature was heavily used in our organization. Smartsheet is this feature gone? If so, could you please bring it  back?


The New Smartsheet Navigation Experience is GREAT!

The #1 feature I'm excited about is Browser Tabs and Direct Links. Being able to copy the URL straight from the browser. I spent a LOT of time as a champion and mentor explaining how to get the URL to share a specific sheet. I really believe this


I'm struggling with the new layout and welcome any suggestions.  I do not have the dashboard level subscription - just below that, I think.  I HATE that I have lost my tabs, and I hate that the menu button ALWAYS takes me back to the RECENTLY VIEWED as opposed to the Home.  This new layout just


There was this:


I continue to miss the counts that were so visible and usable.

Filter count - I now have to unfilter/filter to see a dropdown -- which goes away after a few seconds.

Discussions. Open Update Requests.



I have these columns on a sheet:

Expected Return Date (date)

Actual Return Date (date)

Media Manager (contact)

How do I send an email to the Media Manager if the Expected Return Date has passed? 

"If today is greater than Expected Return Date and Actual Return Date is blank, send notification