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Good Day All:

I am trying to add to my formula so that if the Due Date (Actual) is Blank/Empty, the RYG is Blank/Empty. My existing formula:

=IF([Due Date (Actual)]3 > [Due Date (Planned)]3, "Red", IF([Due Date (Actual)]3 < [Due Date (Planned)]3, "Green", IF([Due Date (Actual)]3 = [Due Date


Good evening:

I have broken down my Project Budget and spent a total of 13% of my Budget. I have used the formula to get the total sum (13%). However, I am challenged with adding to the  formula to get the remaining budget of 87%.

Sum Formula: =SUM(CHILDREN())

Task A: 10%

Task B: 1%

Task C: 2%



I have a project plan that I am now updating to establish dependencies. Everything was going fine until I updated one task's predecessors and a completely separate row's dates (and associated span in the gantt chart) started flashing. I'm guessing that there is some circular logic or something that


How do you structure your formula calculate negative if it is over 100%

For example, I am at 144% which is over budget

Current Formula =AC1 / [Project Budget]1

Results 144%, I would like it to calculate -44% once I am over budget.