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How I Use Smartsheet
I use Smartsheet to organize everything--my tasks and goals at work, my apartment expenses and monthly budget, my weekend hiking adventures (the Maps API makes it super easy!)... I even have a sheet to track the leftovers in my fridge so I get an email when it's time to toss that pad thai.


Hello Community,

There are some great new enhancements in this month’s release.  See below for a summary...and, as usual, you can always check out the product release notes for the whole rundown. For your convenience, I’ve also included here links to relevant Help Center content.

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Column 60 is the accurate information Creation date has had the type specified as Date, it did not work with the dates in march until the 11th of March and likewise for the 1st of april. I am unable to understand the pattern either, can the Date format be used in dd//mm//yy format please