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Another day, another question to the Community...! 

I'm trying to get a count of all jobs starting in each month. My formula is giving me an #INVALID OPERATION error though. 

=COUNTIFS({Start Date} >= (DATE(2019, 1, 1)), {Start Date}, <=(DATE(2019, 1, 31)))

What am I doing wrong?



Is there a way I can send an approval form to two managers who both need to sign off on each staff member's annual leave? I can do it if I send to Manager A first and then Manager B once the first step has been completed, but wondered if there's a way to do them both at the same time that


Do the automation 'rules' stop once one of them has been actioned? I have a sheet which emails employees whose certification has expired. Some of them have two or more expired documents, but my automation seems to only send the first email. (Hopefully that makes sense when you see my