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Product Development
How I Use Smartsheet
I use Smartsheet in a variety of ways including tracking and managing projects, capturing and analyzing feedback, capturing and organizing ideas. Smartsheet helps me simplify complex information and make sense of it all through the use of hierarchy and conditional formatting.
About Me
I'm an advocate for users and potential users of Smartsheet. I'm working hard to find new ways to make Smartsheet super intuitive for people and a joy to use.


Check out our conditional notifications prototype and provide your feedback through a 10 minute usability test:, Chrome, or IE8+ only). Thanks for your participation!

(Note about the testing platform: after you complete a task, click the "Success" or


Is it possible to send an update request to the user assigned to the row?


For example, I have five tasks listed on my sheet, each assigned to a different user.  I would like to select all five rows and hit 'Send Update Request' and use the 'Assigned to' column to determine who it should go to.


It would be useful to be able to unhide only certain columns, rather than 'all', when you have spent some time creating a partiuclar view (say for instance you are projecting in a meeting, so have a smaller screen size), but realise you need to show just 1 column, instead have to rehide all