I am exploring the proofing functionality, and would like to understand if there is a way for the reviewer to be able to access the previous proof so they can check against their requested changes? In many instances, the client will request numerous changes to prices. Only being able to see the


I wish, I wish upon a sheet that these will someday be a reality...if some of these are already posted, I apologize... Product team - most, if not all, of these were sent to Scott Willeke verbally or via e-mail so he could lend more context.  These items are some of the things that would make


Hi, Gentlemen.


I created some charts on Smartsheet Labs Charts but i can't add them into my workspace on Smartsheet.


How do i do that? Above is a print screen of the charts i created.


OBS: I have already tried to upload via URL (URL and embed code). I was not successful.


I need help


I wanted to create a filter or workflow based on a comment added within a certain data range.

What I am trying to accomplish. - I need a filter or a workflow based on a  no comment being added to a line within a data range. So if a person does not add a comment to a line between Monday and Friday. I