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H E L P   P L E A S E

I have 5 rows (children) of possible data input areas. All 5 rows may not always be used.

In Column "M" a number of 1,2 or 3 will be entered. Based on this number, Column "A" of the parent row should reflect

"Closed" if the last row containing data is 1

"Work in Progress" if


I need a status formula for the parent row of up to 5 children rows. 

The children rows have a control rating of 1-3

If rows 1-5 have a control rating of 1, the status column should reflect "Closed" in the parent row.

If rows 1-5 is 2 or 3 then parent row should show "Work In Progress"

If ALL are


H E L P!

What is a simple way to formulate the "Evaluation" Chart in the Screen Shots attached, based off ONLY the children rows of the 4 Departments on the top of the sheet in both the "status" and "risk level" columns? I'm trying to avoid a "messy" formula but I'm receiving an error through all my


Good Morning Smartsheet Community!

Does anyone have any best practices / suggestions they could share for multi-project management ideas?


We are currently using a Report that pulls rows from the "Assigned To" column across all project sheets in specific workspaces; However, while it serves the