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What is a simple way to formulate the "Evaluation" Chart in the Screen Shots attached, based off ONLY the children rows of the 4 Departments on the top of the sheet in both the "status" and "risk level" columns? I'm trying to avoid a "messy" formula but I'm receiving an error through all my


Good Morning Smartsheet Community!

Does anyone have any best practices / suggestions they could share for multi-project management ideas?


We are currently using a Report that pulls rows from the "Assigned To" column across all project sheets in specific workspaces; However, while it serves the


Our new release focuses on more visibility with your collaborators using Personal Profiles, more visibility in Card View with displaying subtasks, and the ability to preserve Notifications when making a copy of your sheets.

Let’s take a look at these new features:

Personal Profiles—Add more




I'm basing this "costing" formula off of a cell that is in % format, the format in the "costing" cell is $.

If Percent8 Cell is x THEN this # 

0 through 0.43 = 50

0.44 through 0.90 = 75

0.91 through 1.00 = 100



What is wrong with my formula? I keep getting an #unparaseable message