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Tracking all of our program suggestions, development stages from conception to air-date, guest database, VIP visitors database, Studio interview schedule and subsequent studio work for those interviews.
I've also been sharing Smartsheet with many other areas within the ministry - and they're loving it!
About Me
I grew up in central Ohio on a farm and dream of one day having a small farm for our family.
I'm a wife, mom of four adult daughters, and "Emmie" to our 2nd generation littles.
Professionally, I have worked in retail, banking, manufacturing and ministry. By far, my favorite has been working the last 16+ years with Focus on the Family in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. Pikes Peak (aka, "America's Mountain") is the most beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. And I see it each morning as I walk into our kitchen and look out our sliding glass doors.
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Good morning,

I've discovered that text is no longer behaving well within the cell. I'm see words cut off within the cell, whether or not the cell is formatted to wrap the text.

Thus, it makes copying the text and pasting it wonky. I often have to copy/paste text from SS into Word. It pastes with


Good morning!

I just received the email update from Smartsheet Engage 2018 and I. AM. THRILLED!!!

We can now choose to allow multiple contacts (up to 20!) to be assigned to a row. 

See the article here:



Good morning,

In the Team level, I had access to a report that showed me all Users per sheet/report, so that when someone left/changed departments, I could easily see what access they had.

This report is no longer available to me since we went to the Enterprise level, and our SysAdmin says that the


Good afternoon,

We've upgraded to Enterprise (still a bit of a work in progress) but I notice I no longer have access to the User Management area (I'm not a SysAdmin any longer).

Is there a way for this access to be restored so it only shows User Management for the sheets/reports I have created? I