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The subject pretty well tells it all,

I am trying to sum the network days between the request received and request sent date but if we haven't sent the request response as yet the field is empty and shows the error " Invalid data type"

Current sum is

=NETWORKDAYS([Quote Request Recieved]198, [Quote


Hi Smartsheet Community,

Our company works with customers on projects for a set period of time. When a project is complete, we archive completed projects for internal use, but we no longer need our customers to view or edit sheets and sights in Smartsheet.

When a project ends, is there is way to


Good afternoon everyone,

I'm new to the SmartSheet community, but my company and I have been integrating SS into our PM work processes for about 1.5 years. We're a VOSB DOD contractor, and we use SS to create simple project schedules that include start/end dates, duration, dependencies, and %