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Could anyone provide a trick to move the formula tip dialogue box?  I am getting an Unparseable error message, but I cannot see the formula to check the syntax (see attached screen shot). Are other people facing this problem?  Is it browser specific?


I am working around this by copying and



I am trying to create a formula to give me a specific "status" based on a couple of criteria's. 

My formula is this =IF(ISBLANK(RFx37), "Need RFx",IF(ISTEXT(RFxx37), "Need PO", IF(ISTEXT(POx37), "Open PO")))

I want to status cell to update based on other cells.

My columns are Status, RFx, & PO.


Any help with this would be appreciated.

I haven't been able to come up with a formula that would check a reference sheet for a value and pull the data from another column to populate the current form. I expect it would be a compound formula with an IF and maybe a INDEX,  but I'm having difficulty


Hello and good morning Smartsheet community,

I know you can use the =COUNTIF in order to count the number of times a (SINGLE) name or word appears in a range of cells. My issue is that I am trying to count how many times the word safety is used in a range of cells where the word safety is used in a