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I have total of 1200 tasks and 3 Assignees and I need to count : ( I want to create a Mini Dashboard on the top of my Task Sheet)

1. Total Number of 'Completed' by All 3 Assignees,

2. Total Number of 'Completed' by each of my Assignees.

3. How many tasks have been selected 'completed' from my


Hello - I need some help with the children formula.  I am trying to reference another sheet and only pull info from the children of specific hierarchies.

The only way that I can do it, as of now and with my current skill set, is if I select all of the actual children.  I realize this will be out of



I have a tricky formula I'm trying to calculate, but with no success so far... 


I have to different sheets that I'm looking on. 

Sheet1: Planning and monitoring sheet

Sheet2: Work reports

The formula challenge:

In Sheet2 our guys at the field are reporting on different predetermined projects.




I am attempting to upload a csv into a smartsheet plan.  I am getting about 60% of my rows imported successfully while about 40% are continuously skipped.  Some of these rows contain odd characters in various cells that are not traditional letters/numbers. I am unable to figure out why.