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Hi all,

I have a little issue with web form setup. How can I switch off checkbox >Send me a copy of my responses<. I don't see it in a web form on my pc, but it's still there when I open form in my mobile device. I don't need it, so how can I switch it


Hi Smartsheet,

I am getting annoyed. Why if i want to print row from report, printout contains rows that are not visible in report? I have a special report where one specific column has to be hidden in printout only as this paper is passed to employees that should not see this specific information.


Hello Smartsheet!

What is the reason of colouring checkboxes bright blue? Don't you have any other more important jobs to do?

Are colours the most important for your users?

If you like to be so cool, then please let us choose alittle bit what is important for us and what is not. For sure this blue