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We use Smartsheet for tasks that need to be completed by several people. We currenlty have reminders set up for due dates (both 5 days before due date and past due date). Is there a way to NOT send the reminder if the task has been completed/the 'Date Completed' field has a date in it?


I would really like to see the EOMONTH formula. There is a way to do that with the current formulas, but as an example of how long it is, here is what's needed for setting a due date to the end of the current month if there are more than 10 days left in the month or setting it to the following month


Typical project management templates are not designed to easily get a distilled summary of important points.  I am wondering if these is a template out there that would allow for easily pushing out or pulling from a sheet the following.  If this info is in form of a symbol (Harvey Ball symbols for


I am looking for a way to have tooltips on column headers in a sheet.  The reason is say you have a large sheet that is being used for data collection.  Some of the fields people may not understand exacly what you are looking for, so having a way to put in a tip or description would be