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For my projects I track Estimated/Actual Start and Estimate/Adjusted/Actual End dates.  I need to have a status flag indicate yellow if the Adjusted date is slipping past the estimated end date, and then when the end date is adjusted and justified, to update the status flag back to green.

Is anyone


The checklist type smart sheet will be setup with columns called Vendor, Type, Doc 1, Doc 2, Doc3.  What I want to do, is depending on the type selected for a particular vendor, the doc columns will grey out for those doc types needed for that specific doc type.  For Example:

Vendor 1  Type Critical


Is there a way to create a weekly notification that has enclosed within it a report for each user's outstanding tasks from all of our active smartsheets?

In other words, I have 30 projects and in those 30 projects, Lisa and Dave have tasks.  I want to remind Lisa and Dave each week of all the tasks