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Ok I don't know what other term to use...but on every dashboard the gantt chart reports have all reformatted themselves to make whatever column in the middle of the report HUGE...and shrinking the gantt chart part to a very small and kind of dumb looking last column.

I love you Smartsheets --but you




Will we be able to tag or reference people in the discussions in the near future?

It will be good if we could just tag or reference people (@) by their name in the discussions and they get notified.


Currently, we have to add a comment / discussion to retain the context to that row and then


Hi everyone!

I am trying to use Smartsheet as a simple but complete sales/CRM solution.


I want to be able to have three different things:

Accounts (like a company, "XYZ Tractors")

Contacts (like a person, "John Smith, Senior Manager, employee at XYZ Tractors”)

Tasks (“Create a sales quote for