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I have noticed that charts within a dashboard do not display and throw up a message: "The source data for this chart has changed" when they are pointed at sheets or reports where the value is zero / 0.

This is problematic for me since I have created a dashboard for a template set of sheets


I'm hoping someone can help me.

I have a sheet set as a grid with a list of tasks for designers to do, these are divided into 4 categories, with the tasks being indented beneath the parent category, I have a column called 'complete' that is checkboxes which the designer check once each task is


I've seen posts that contain links that create an action, such as "click here and a copy of that sheet will appear in your instance of Smartsheet"

I cant find the OP, and cant recall if she was staff perhaps, but the link worked.

Is it possible then for me to create links to actions, for instance a


Hello Everyone.

The projects I handle are the same each time in terms of the tasks to carry out. but they can differ in duration based on the  'size' of the work...

I am using a standard sheet template which I also use to forecast, 

I would like to change the 'duration' of a set of tasks based on a