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I am trying to create a "master schedule" compling about 50 projects into one view on a dashboard. 

I created a report gantt view, but my problem is scrolling down isn't very user friendly. I'm wondering if you can put projects side by side (some are in Q1, some in Q2, Q3, Q4)?

Any ideas or



I want to show on a dashboard the time it takes to get to each step.

For example, I have five columns - all are checkbox columns where each time one is checked it automatically alerts the appropriate person to move onto the next step (a new column). When all five columns are checked, the task


Is there a way to receive seperate notifications when a row is added or changed?

It seems like they come in batches via email but I only would like to see one (line) per email.

Attached is a snippet of what I am getting. As you can see, it shows TWO lines when I only want to see ONE at a



Is there a way to ask a question on a form that when answered will initiate a certain set of questions?

For example:

Question: Are you apart of the team? DROPDOWN: Yes/No

IF someone clicks "yes" it goes to a certain set of questions and if they say "no" they are directed to a different set of