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My name is Nick and I am a Quality Assurance Coordinator over at Stria, LLC a Business Process Acceleration firm. I work with Smartsheet full time for my business. When I have spare time I'll help answer questions!

I specialize in document recognition and automation. We just use Smartsheet to track our work!

Are you interested in our work? Want to see what we can do? Just reach out to [email protected]


I work with a small Real Estate company and we lean heavily on Smartsheet for all of our task and workflow management. We have built a system of task lists, workflows, and meeting agendas that all work very well, but at the moment we have to edit drop-down lists manually sheet-by-sheet. I've


Why were we not informed about this? Copied below is the exact email I received from Smartsheet Product Info on September 17th. This is very frustrating to have a functionality stripped with no warning. We ran through this list with our teams to determine whether or not any of our free users would


Background: An International source Smartsheet has 1700 rows (and counting) and 85 columns. Using the Index/Match formula, we reference 14 columns of data within a new Regional Smartsheet. Why? Regions want to add additional Country-focused data, data that should not be managed on an International


Hello - I reached out to Smartsheet a few times about Dynamic View as I want to see if it fits my needs. I didn't have a good experience with the Sales team. I had a meeting that was entirely missed. I was told an Engineer needs to be at the meeting as well.

I don't really understand why Dynamic


Hello Everyone!

I am needing help with the SUMIFS formula for cross sheet reference but when I enter multiple criteria, it returns a value of 0. What I am trying to accomplish is a sum for Sheet-2 based on multiple criteria from Sheet-1:

Criteria from Sheet-1

  • Job ID
    • 216116
  • Cost Code ID
    • 7
    • 15
    • 16



I am not having any luck searching for a solution to this. My company has a production schedule in Excel. It changes daily. Builds get added, removed and moved around on a regular basis. We have two different engineering departments that are managing their work load in Smartsheet. The two



I have built a series of Smartsheet that collects data from 8 different sources and combines it into one easily accessible Dashboard that is interlinked with other Dashboards. We use forms to collect responses and store them in 6 Data Files. In addition we have a special Key File for each