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I currently use the Smartsheet Add-In for Outlook for forward relevant emails to existing (or creating new) tasks and this works well in tracking needed information. 

I currently use Smartsheet individually and not as part of a team or group. I am wondering if there is a way I can add a comment to a


Is there a limit to the size / quantity of attachments (as part of the email) that can be added to an existing / new row? The email itself always gets forwarded (as new comment) to Smartsheet but attachment(s) seem to be hit or miss (definitely no zip files get


I have multiple sheets created and only see the option to add a filter to one sheet.


Are there any restrictions to have filters? I have a basic acount, maybe this is it?


Do I need to create any specific content that woud enable the filter?


Is there a way I can forward an email to Smartsheet and start a new line item?


Even better, is there a way to integrate an email back/forth into updating into the comments of a SS line item?


Trying to find a way to keep track of emails via SS.


Maybe there is an upcomming integration with Front