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Ok. so I've set up a rolling dashboard built around the today function - something like this. Everything rolls over automatically as it all references TODAY() to determine the various derivatives.

(see screenshot)

It's great, but doesn't scale (yet). The Month column uses this right now -



I am trying to lower someones access that set up dashboards with widgets on as they have left the department.  However as we still need to use the dashboards, if I lower the access from Admin to Viewer or editor cant share, the widgets disappear.  Please help??


Many thanks




We are trying Smartsheets for a project and are running into a major issue.


The sheet contains checkboxes of things to do, along with dates, and who did the particular task. It is crucial that the 'Task' and 'Date' columns be protected. Unfortunately, we're finidng that if you are an editor, even


I just realized that a user removed a row from the smartsheet.  So I have 2 questions. 


#1 - Can I keep people from being able to remove a row - while still allowing them to edit information?  or


#2 Can I set up a notification when a row is removed - so at least I would know when it happened.