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HyBridge Solutions, Inc.
How I Use Smartsheet
I don't do a lot of project management with this sheet (in particular) but I use it for most other tracking tasks; for example, my daily to-do list (items marked complete have been assigned conditional formatting to change appearance, and then they are moved to a "done" list), computer audit (created a web form to obtain specific information on each user's computer and compile it), PTO log, on/offboarding employees, event planning, budget tracking (created a template for users to manage project budgets), client/project lists (with user-completed web forms to compile data), and so much more!
About Me
I am new to the Smartsheet community and tools (just 3 months or so) and am still surprised at how effective the tools are and just how much we incorporate the use of this product into our workday.


We would like to use SS to create an employee birthday calendar and set the due date as their birthday - without using the birth year (so we don't have to recreate the wheel in subsequent years). If I set the birthday (date) column, I have no option but to use the current year.


OR, once the sheet


Our team is fulling engaged in using - and sharing - Smartsheets. The reporting capabilities are terrific. But I am trying to locate (unsuccessfully) if there is a way to run a report on all the sheets I have shared and, specifically, to whom I have shared all those sheets. Rather than clicking on


Right now I have about two dozen sheets shared to me. That number is about to significantly increase... because the people that are sharing the sheets with me work on different projects, is there a way to "view" or "group" my shared sheets other than by clicking on the Location or Owner header to


Our Smartsheet has a client name column along with a designator column that indicates what type of work we are doing (M, S, or C). We have a web form set up for each (M, S, or C) using the hidden field so that when an "M" form is submitted, conditional formatting tells it to bold and back fill the



Not having a lot of background experience with formulas, I am having difficulty determining whether or not the NETWORKDAYS formula can be "adjusted" to include an allowance for half-days.


Using the Vacation template, it calculates the number from start to end days. I have added a check-box