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I can't wait to become an expert in Smartsheet! This program has revolutionized the way our office works and we have so many more pieces to implement that will make our jobs easier and make our company more efficient. All of this will allow our creativity to flow and allow us to grow both personally and professionally!


We are trying to set up the sheet so that when a particular task is checked off as "Received or Done" it sends an Alert to the correct team member.  We have a systems column to allow us to set it up to be row specific to the task, but it isn't working.  Please see the screenshot below.  Thank you in


Hello All,

We are creating a time off/work from home request sheet for our Director of Operations.  We have been testing the sheet and it's notifications and noticed each time a request is approved, the D.O. receives an email.  We tried changing the settings so that the alert was set for when a row