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My sheet has 3 columns (Team, Activity, Amount). I have a summary section at the top of my sheet where I want to use a SUMIF function to total up the amount for each Team.

Generally, I can get the SUMIF function to work just fine. But, I run into an issue when adding new rows.

The function looks



How can I break my sheet up into sections - a bit like swim lanes?

I want a solid line going horizontally across the sheet between rows ideally with a title

Is this possible?



Our organization uses a browser based ticketing system (HP Quality Center) which utilizes its own custom URI to launch the application in a browser. We would like to link into this application by attaching URLs into a SmartSheet row. As an example, the URI looks like this:


Submitted to Support as a feature Request but figured I'd post here too in case anyone else has thoughts on this...

Whenever I create a new user and try to immediately assign them to a group, it doesn't allow me to because that user is not yet active. The user will become active the first time they


I have a computer that I would like to track in Resource Management. I read somewhere that I need to officially invite a user (and they need to accept the invite) in order for that resource to appear in Resource Management. However, since this is not a person, there is no Email to invite. I have