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How I Use Smartsheet
We help businesses around the world to optimise their use of Smartsheet, Appsheet, Microsoft 365 Apps, Google and other integration Apps to improve their processes, to collaborate and plan their business activities in the Smartest way possible.
We have been working with Smartsheet users now for Seven years and helped 100's of companies to Optimise their use of Smartsheet. Our team is now Ten people strong and based in California, Florida, UK and Europe.

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About Me
I am the co-founder and lead consultant of Smarter Business Processes and together with my team, we help the Smartsheet Community members and the wider businesses community around the world, optimise their use of Smartsheet, Appsheet, Microsoft 365 Apps such as Excel Pivots and Power BI Dashboards, Google OverDrive and other integration Apps to improve their processes, to collaborate and plan their business activities in the Smartest way possible.

Many of our clients need help converting their activities from traditional systems, so our team of specialist consultants and trainers are experienced in the change process converting activity from traditional applications from Microsoft e.g. SharePoint, MS Project, Access and Excel. We build solutions that combine the strengths of all systems.
Specific solutions in Smartsheet?

Using the Smartsheet and other APIs we have designed and built bespoke solutions such as
-Smarter Dropdown List Manager
-Smarter Mini Control Center (a simplified low cost version of Control Center)
-Smarter Conditional Logic Apps for eg Project Timesheets, Sales Leads & Asset Tracking

We provide;
-Smartsheet Consultancy - with 100s of satisfied clients to prove our worth
-Smartsheet Training - classroom, remote one2one and one2many
-Smartsheet Conditional Logic solutions by integrating with AppSheet
-Designed Workflows including Sheets, Reports, Dashboards, linked analytical data
-Business Process Mapping - to better understand your Work Flows, also good for ISO accreditation

We see Smartsheet as an alternative way to Collaborate and Visualise your data to work with, or replace, traditional ERP systems, which often struggle to show you what you need to see.We love Smartsheet because our clients and Users love it too!

Appsheet with Smartsheet integration? If your team needs to stretch the capability of all the above, so your users get Intuitive user Interfaces on their chosen device, that they love to use to create a culture of continuous innovation in your business. Then talk to us
And see our Demo’s.
What are we specifically offering?
1. Initial Free Consultation with Free trial accounts for one month for evaluation.
2. Consultation workshops that help you devise a Road Map for implementation.
3. Remote support packages to develop methodology and Optimise usage as you explore
4. In-house familiarisation and training sessions for team users and collaborators to ensure 100% buy in
Arrange a timed call to discuss your immediate needs and potential solutions now…Direct line +44(0)1937 541 553 or email
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 I have seen some of these head-in-the-clouds people at Microsoft do some really stupid "improvements" but this tab thing takes the cake. I am a shareholder in this company and am considering selling due to management's inattention to their business. Good management would never let a thing like this




I am looking for someone to screen share and help me customize some smartsheet functions.


Example:  Create a "weekly to do list for all my milestone items"  across my multiple projects that I have to manage, so I dont forget long lead items or miss details.



Please email if I can hire


Hello SS Community!  Am fairly new to SS, and was hoping someone might be able to point me to where I might find recommended solutions for resource demand, capacity, and utilization management, using Smartsheet.   I know you can use the timesheet template, but it doesn't really do the job of


Is it possible to turn the auto-save function on the Smartsheet Android app 'off'? When our guys use the app on their tablets when they have a weak connection, after each cell there is a long wait untill it has saved. is it possible to turn this off, and maybe just save it when required, or when you