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I help businesses around the world to optimise their use of Smartsheet, and other integration Apps to improve their processes, Automate repetitive actions, to collaborate and plan their business activities in the Smartest way possible.

Since 2011, we have been working with Smartsheet users, and have helped 100s of companies to Optimise their use of Smartsheet. Our team is growing with offices in Manhattan New York, Canada and London UK. Serving not just the USA, Canada & Europe, but Australia/ New Zealand and Central & South America.

Look out for Posts by our colleague Debbie Sawyer who is helping us to contribute to community requests for solutions.

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About Me
About Me
I get huge satisfaction, when clients tell me, “We have saved them 2 days a week” or “I love my job again” and so I became the co-founder Smarter Business Processes.

By leveraging the power of my team, we help the Smartsheet Community members and the wider businesses community around the world, optimise their use of Smartsheet, Appsheet, Microsoft 365 Apps such as Excel Pivots and Power BI Dashboards, Google OverDrive and other integration Apps to improve their processes, to collaborate and plan their business activities in the Smartest way possible.


So here at my company, we have a project template. This template contains many setting, functions, workflows and conditional formats that help organize our information. We currently generate an excel template similar to the one in smartsheets then copy paste into our template.

My question is

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We all love a Freebie? 

OUR API development team get lots of requests for automation which is the basis of our Smarter Mini Control Center 12 Apps, but one request we have been unable to fulfill so far (unless we use Appsheet with Smartsheet) is the need for Conditional logic or Cascading Dropdowns


Is there a way to take a graph that was created in Excel and import it into a Smartsheet? I can do it via a dashboard but I would like to have it directly on the sheet with the data.


Hello! I am new to Smartsheets and am trying to build a Summary Report based on drop down selections and data from various sheets.

I have a TON of data and too many cells so I've had to spread it out on a sheet per month. I have two drop down selections. One is to select the month and the other is