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We help businesses around the world to optimise their use of Smartsheet, Appsheet, Microsoft 365 Apps, Google and other integration Apps to improve their processes, to collaborate and plan their business activities in the Smartest way possible.
We have been working with Smartsheet users now for Seven years and helped 100's of companies to Optimise their use of Smartsheet. Our team is now Ten people strong and based in California, Florida, UK and Europe.

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I set up this consultancy as a vehicle for my colleagues and myself to deliver the really beneficial business benefits of cloud based Apps like Smartsheet, to those businesses round the world, that are frustrated with legacy solutions and just want to work Smarter and more efficiently. I get a terrific Buzz when clients tell us about the huge improvements they have made with our help. Best Job in the world!
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Hi.  I have a number of children rows for each parent. The child rows each have a "Status" column which is using the red, yellow, green icons.  I'd like the parent row to inherit the worst case summation of the child rows.  E.g. if the child rows are red, green, and green, the parent row would show