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We help businesses around the world to optimise their use of Smartsheet, Appsheet, Microsoft 365 Apps, Google and other integration Apps to improve their processes, to collaborate and plan their business activities in the Smartest way possible.
We have been working with Smartsheet users now for Seven years and helped 100's of companies to Optimise their use of Smartsheet. Our team is now Ten people strong and based in California, Florida, UK and Europe.

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I set up this consultancy as a vehicle for my colleagues and myself to deliver the really beneficial business benefits of cloud based Apps like Smartsheet, to those businesses round the world, that are frustrated with legacy solutions and just want to work Smarter and more efficiently. I get a terrific Buzz when clients tell us about the huge improvements they have made with our help. Best Job in the world!
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Hey Everyone,

I'm searching for help with developing a time card solution using the form feature. I understand there are already templates in Smartsheets but none them seem to work. The closest template would be the "Weekly Time Card". However it's not really weekly but daily when we referring to


Hi all,

I'm attempting to pull Google Finance Data for monitoring stock price movements and creating charts for projected outcomes, etc. 

I'm not sure if Google Finance data is natively supported or not. I did attempt to import an existing Google Sheets spreadsheet with some formulas in it but


I've been using Smartsheet for about 12 months now and have been active on the Community site for most of that time. During this time I have seen requests for fundamental features like multiple resources, access to time, project baselines etc. go through the same lip service mouse wheel scenario.


I am trying to set up a way to track manpower 50+ people plus projects that are ongoing.  

2 separate sheets are fine - 1 project summary and 1 manpower.

How can i set it up, that i can see who is available, when workers will be on vacation and it will notify is someone is booked for one project so


Hello there everyone interested!

We're looking to share sheets to various departments here however we don't want all cells to be able to be filled in (or changed) by all users.

Is there a way that we can restrict editable fields to certain user accounts so user A can only edit columns 1-3 and user B