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I got the popup window in the app this morning announcing the new interface but I had to close it right away because I was showing my screen in a meeting. Now I've come to the website and I can't find a single announcement, blog post, or anything that gives detail about using the new feature. Why


Really sad what they have done. Have taken something very simple and made it much more difficult.  What used to take one click now takes two or three clicks.  Much more wasted time using.  

Can you return to what we all liked about your program.  

Not good at all.


Why would you do this? Did you even test this with customers?

Why can't I open as a new tab from the "home" page?

Why can't I make the "home" page the default on the side bar?

Why can't I make the side bar stay open?

This functionality is not working for us as an organization. As the administrator


Once again, I have gone in search of what I would consider a perfectly logical and necessary function only to find that Smartsheet can't accommodate.  When I call customer service, I receive the same answer every time: “We don’t currently offer that function, but we will submit this to our product