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I wonder if someone can assist me.


I am running schedules for construction projects with predecessors (Finish-Start relationships) set up.


If myself/or another employee change the actual start date of a line item then it deletes the predecessors.


I know that to avoid that from happening


Not getting a connection to smartsheet at all at the moment.

No other problems with our internet connection.

Nothing on the system status,

System flaky over last few days (reports, emails to office)

I used to tell my users that it was a good dependable system, not at the moment.


Any idea?


I've sent one invite to collaborate and update requests with myself copied, but my invitees are telling me they haven't received anything and that it's not in their Junk email box either. I'm not receiving copies of the invites, either. Is Smartsheet experience any technical glitches causing this