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Merlin (Project) Power User, now testing whether Smartsheet has the collaboration skills that I always missed in Merlin.
About Me
Ruediger is a Senior Event Producer from Cologne Germany, providing an immense expertise on the field of Live Events, B2B Communication and 3D Marketing.
Nowadays mainly focused on Industry Events he has vivid TV and Rock’n’Roll roots.
Ruediger is strong in Team Building and Maintenance. Budget Controlling and Overall Timing are well positioned in his hands.
After decades on his job he still is keen on challenges! Addicted to the moment when the audience goes wild, experiencing what the entire team has been working for real hard.


Hey guys.

I am just starting to setup a sheet for a huge sports event that shall provide all relevant info, but also be used live to update the onsite status.

Basically there will be about 10 stations that will be identically except for individual timings and some details (i.e. number of people per


Hi there!

We are collecting todos in a "topic list" connecting each task to one particular team member. Every task has a due date. Do you have a routine to track the development of these tasks?

I.e. a task has been finished by me but now there are new challenges awaiting the next team member with