Hey All!

I have a question for the community that i'm having trouble figuring out to return a certain value to another sheet based on criteria. The pic I attached shows a project budget setup and I am wanting to pull data from the Budget cell based on the Job ID and the Cost Category. I'm not sure


Hello Everyone!

I am needing help with the SUMIFS formula for cross sheet reference but when I enter multiple criteria, it returns a value of 0. What I am trying to accomplish is a sum for Sheet-2 based on multiple criteria from Sheet-1:

Criteria from Sheet-1

  • Job ID
    • 216116
  • Cost Code ID
    • 7
    • 15
    • 16



Hey All!

I have a question about how to have predecessors or just tasks in a schedule to automatically update when they are moved in the schedule. I am trying to create a production schedule for our Sheet Metal shop and it is created with the fabrication packages released from the Eng Dept.


Hey All,

I'm having difficulty getting my card view tabs to show a certain color based on percentage complete for the subtask. When I create the rule it either highlights all the subtasks based on the parent percentage complete, or does nothing at all. I am trying to have individual subtasks change