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Is there any functionality to lock a specific sheet. I dont think there is but this would really help for the situations explained below. There are two scenarios:


Scenario 1

We have a master sheet, where all product information is pooled. there are 100 different columns and hundreds of


Not getting a connection to smartsheet at all at the moment.

No other problems with our internet connection.

Nothing on the system status,

System flaky over last few days (reports, emails to office)

I used to tell my users that it was a good dependable system, not at the moment.


Any idea?


I have a report that pulls a summary row from various smartsheets.  I have a column in these sheets titled Progress Indicator.  I have a nested IF statement to show the correct ball color.  I just noticed that some of the sheets are pulling in the actual ball symbol and some are giving me the text


As of this morning, dropdown lists no longer work in any of our reports, only the main sheet.  This is a major problem...any ideas what's going on?  Logged out and logged back in several times, but to no