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All my sheets have automation (formulas). I am having difficulties keeping track of who has modified records.

We do not have access to sheet history because we are on the Team Plan only.

This is a huge problem because we have issues with managers not updating project status on a timely basis.



I am piggy-backing off Nathan Skyers' request from November 24, 2016 1:13 pm, regarding Parent Row Roll up, as I need a very similar formula. 

Any help will be appreciated.

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Is it possible to have a text value show in a parent row whether all statuses match my criteria OR


Without creating another column, I am trying to update a current value only if the condition is met in my modified by field. My formula (below) works when the condition is met. 

How do I tell SS to leave the current value as is if the condition is not met? 

=IF([Modified By]1 = Owner1, " ",


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I am trying to set up a master document with linked cells across three different sheets.  First being an order form, second being a shipping form and third being an install form.


All the information will link back to my system ID of which system is being installed.


My question is


All: I have looked but cannot find other questions regarding this topic. Apologize for any redundancy; and, thank you for any help on these two topics. Sandy

Ability to Filter or Sort Source Sheet:

From my (master) destination sheet, I click cell link icon. Then, I select my source sheet. Is there a