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I created a Sheet Summary Report, and have found that the fields within the report are not editable, unlike a Row Report.  In a Row Report, I can click into the cell directly within the report and update it.  On my Sheet Summary Report, the cells in report are locked down and uneditable. 

Am I


Hello Community!  

I'm trying to calculate End dates based off of a hard Start date, and adding a number of Days that I have listed in another cell.

The number of Days is calculated via formula, from one cell that lists Project hours (which I manually input) and each project is assigned to a crew,


It seems service is restored?  Is it stable?  The Status page has not been updated and my email to the support center hasn't been answered yet.....but I am able to log back in.  Is there any news on the root cause.  This caused a huge impact to getting work done today in the system and I wasted a