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Having many small tasks to last, with a repetition, polluting my grid smartsheet by the too many number of tasks.

I would like to know if it is possible to do:

  • A cell with a drop-down menu, where would be grouped, visible to disposition.
  • Hidden do of rows (not columns) chosen.*

Waiting for


Completely taken aback by the new update. Not only the multiple tabs will be more cumbersome to manage, but I do not see the option to open multiple sheets at the same time and this feature was heavily used in our organization. Smartsheet is this feature gone? If so, could you please bring it  back?


Community Members,

You can now trigger your automated Alerts & Actions up to 365 days before or after a specified date (manually specified or in a Date column).

For example, send an alert to a task’s owner three days before a deadline.

Details on this are available in Automate Your Work with Alerts



My project team members want to have  "look ahead " insight into tasks they have upcoming.  Is there a way to notify the assignee of the successor task when the predecessor is 75% complete, or x number of days from completion.  Currently they receive the notification the day the task is to