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For a product management file, I want drop-downs to be limited based on how a previous column is filled out, as it would be a massive dropdown list otherwise.


For example, if "fruit" is selected in the "food type" column, I want the next "sub-type" column to have a drop down list for apples,


I'm just starting to look at SmartSheet... does anyone know how easy it would be to create a simple data entry screen (maybe 15 fields) and save the data in such a way that it would be easy for others to search through the data that has already been entered?  It's not exactly my use case, but an


Adding sub-tasks to a task seems to be no problem, perhaps because they are already indented.

Indenting these sub-tasks removes all the start and finish dates for the rest of the sheet. Is there a way to avoid this and preserve the Start and f=Finish dates, thereby saving the Gantt chart?

One way is


I have entered the following formula into a text/number column and I'm getting an unparseable error. I have checked the that column headers are spelled correctly. 

=IF(AND([% Complete]2 < 1, TODAY() >[Finish]2), "At Risk", "Normal"))

I want the sheet to check if a task is not yet marked complete