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I am needing help with this formula

=IF({Colunm Range 1} >= 10, "Met", "To be Started")  (this works but will not be relevant for the whole year.)

How can I add in a date?  I was this formula to recognise if a range is equal to or great than 10 after the 01/03/19, "Met', "Risk"


Also can


I was just wondering if there is a way to track the usage of each user on an account.  For example, how often their log on,  how long they are logged on for, any active time in Smart sheets?

These stats will give my manager's insight on how useful the tool/resources is for the office and pinpoint



How do you save your sheet to be viewed as card view every time.  I am not sure how the sheet orginated,  may have been a previous template for project management.  But people that are shared to the sheet open it in Grid view,  any suggestion on how to save it to card view every time?


I am not the best at formulas and need some help.  I cant seem to get my head around building formulas. Anyway can someone help please. 

I am trying to build a formula that will

count all the true BOOLEAN in the children row and when it is greater than 4 return the a true outcome to the parent row.